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Volker H. Hoffmann


1948 Born in Arolsen (Waldeck)
1966 High-school graduation at St. Andrews’s School,USA
1967 Abitur in Offenbach/Main
1969-1973 Law studies in Bonn
1974-1976 Legal clerkship
1977-1982 Prosecutor in Koblenz (Commercial criminal law and attorney-general ship)
1982-1984 Management of an employers’ associatio
1985-1988 Attorney of Deutsche Anlagen GmbH (DAL) in Mainz with special functions, esp. mergers of foreign shares.
Seit 1985 Foundation of Hoffmann & Partner in Mainz,
senior partner of the law firm

Main areas: White collar crime law, fiscal offences law, economic law

Extensive experiences as defence counsel in large and complex economic crime cases as well as in the process of crime detection in enterprises or against enterprises.

Inventor of the institution “ombudsman”. Lawyer for many years of the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Lawyer/ombudsman for various companies.

Long time Rhineland-Palatinate member of the examination board for the second legal state examination of the federal examination office of lawyers.

Member of Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft – Unternehmerverband Deutschland e.V.

Languages: German, English