Commercial law and corporate law

We advise national and international companies and bodies (shareholders, directors, deans, supervisory boards, pp.) in all aspects of commercial and corporate law.

Ideally, our consultation starts with thoughts about whether to establish a joint partnership or a joint-stock company. With our legal and fiscal expertise, we can give you advice in terms of the type of company to select and in setting up company agreements at the time of company foundation. We also support companies in matters of commercial and corporate law within their operative activities.
In disputes between shareholders, we advise with the objective of reaching the economically most sensible decision for our mandate.

Similarly, we are available in disputes that are between company bodies and the mother company – a regular occurrence in situations related to economic offences – either as a representative for the company body or for the corporation in question.

In disputes with customers, banks or other business partners, we’re at hand to support companies or company bodies with effective advice.

Due to our experience in commercial criminal law and our expertise in fiscal law and tax consultancy, we are able to provide comprehensive advice to corporations and their company bodies in economic crisis situations, too.

We are additionally active in the field of preventive consultation. In the context of compliance checks, we examine companies for risks related to commercial and corporate law and recommend strategies to prevent dangers.