Management consultancy in criminal law/Compliance

Ever since the high-profile proceedings against several renowned German companies, management consultancy in criminal law has been much talked about and become known as “Compliance”. From the “birth” of this field of activity onwards, i.e. since the 90s, we have worked on the related challenges, and mediated a number of companies in all sizes. The main aim is to systematically ensure that everyone acting in the name of and/or on behalf of the company (directors, board members, supervisory boards, employees, suppliers, customers, etc.), does so in a way that is conformable to law.

While working on this, we don’t lose sight of the entrepreneurial interests, though. Our aim is to reduce every risk related to corporate activity to the greatest extent possible, without unreasonably limiting the necessary freedom or overloading it with bureaucratic procedures.

Our focus areas lie in the following:

  • Advice on preventing crimes taking place within company and against company
  • Design of structure and process organisation in company that will stand up in court
  • Preventive campaigns against corruption
  • Design and support of compliance structures within company
  • Service as external compliance organisation (non-disclosure obligation)
  • Services as lawyer of confidence/ombudsman (whistle blowing)

The founder of our partnership, Volker H. Hoffmann, invented the institution of the external lawyer of confidence/ombudsman for companies.